Men’s Waistcoats: the Secret Weapons of the Festive Season


Waistcoats are the most versatile piece of garments that men can wear all season throughout. They go precisely with every ceremony, occasion, and dress code. Be it a Nehru jacket or a plain waistcoat, it always adds class and style to a man’s personality. And when it comes to the festive season, men’s waistcoat set is really famous.

Why Men Must Sport Waistcoats This Festive Season

The festive season is the time to be at everybody’s social best. Hence, you must be exclusively dressed at every sit-down dinner or cards party in a grand festival. Printed or plain waistcoats are your choice for highlighting your outfits this festive season. Here is why:

1. They Are Multipurpose

The best part about waistcoats is that there are multiple ways of wearing them. You can wear stylish waistcoats over casual cotton shirts and chinos pants combination to enhance a basic smart-casual outfit. Otherwise, you can layer them over traditional Indian kurtas for a complete ethnic look.

2. They Make a Style Statement

The glossy fabric of waistcoats makes a style statement and looks great in small doses. For this reason, a sleeveless bandhgala jacket is simply what you require when it comes to festive dressing. If you don’t put on lots of other bold dressing items, waistcoats are the ideal way to make a strong effect this festive season.

3. You Can Easily Dress Them Up or Down

In case you have spent on printed Stylish Waistcoats in rich colors like blue and purple, there are many chances to experiment. You can include silk pocket squares in contrasting shades for dressing them up for when you are attending an event with your family. Otherwise, just wear it unbuttoned over customized shorts and leather loafers for a laidback festival hanging out with close friends.

How to Style Waistcoats This Festive Season

Style Waistcoats

Choosing the right fabric and color is highly important if you want to club waistcoats with various ethnic wear. This is how you can bring charm to the whole outfit. Keep reading the tips below on how to style waistcoats this festive season and look unique!

1. Plain Kurta & Printed Waistcoat

Printed Waistcoat

Since printed waistcoats are always trendy, just go for a printed waistcoat and solid kurta pajama set. A floral printed waistcoat clubbed with white kurta pajama gives a stylish and subtle look.

2. Waistcoats with Bandhgala

This style is popular this festive season. You can simply pair them with your traditional or formal wear also. Wear a printed waistcoat with a plain shirt and club them with leather shoes. Ensure the color of your shirt and waistcoat complement one another equally.

3. Asymmetric Waistcoat & Kurta

This is another great pair for any festive celebration. The asymmetric style is ideal for any formal or casual event as it adds lots of personality to an outfit.

Your outfit complements the festive celebration. Hence, add manifolds to the vibes of the festivals. Grab on the aforesaid looks and enjoy your festivity with an unmatched fashion statement.

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