How To Keep Your E-liquids and E-cigarettes in Best Condition?

Sometimes getting a top-quality vape or an e-liquid isn’t enough to get the best vaping experience. Most people face the common problem that the vaping experience starts to fade after a while. Even the highest quality e-cigarette can experience some wear and tear that decreases its quality.

It is crucial to maintain your device and e-juice. Thus here are a few tips on how you can keep your vape devices and e-fluids in the best condition.

  • Maintain the level of e-liquid: 

You need to make sure that your e-liquid doesn’t run too low. When using Bottom Dual Coil clearomisers (BDC’s), you need to ensure that the e-liquid does not fall below the atomiser holes. As it increases the risk of getting dry burn.

Once the e-liquid falls low, the atomiser isn’t able to draw enough e-juice. Thus it would be best if you refilled it every time the e-fluid level is low. Refilling e-liquids at the right time eliminates the risk of dry burns that not only have a foul taste but can also burn your atomiser.

  • Clean battery Terminal & Clearomisers:

Cleaning the terminal and clearomiser with a cotton ball is best to protect it from dust or dirt. A dirty terminal can prevent charging or the clearomiser from connecting. On another note, if your battery is not connecting, it must be because your charging terminal has been pushed inside. Thus you can gently try to pull it back with a toothpick. It may best to be extra careful when connecting or removing the charger.

  • Placing your Device Properly:

There are holes present on the clearomiser to control the temperature. So if you place the device upside down, the e-liquid inside would leak. Therefore it is crucial to place it in an upright position.

Other than placing e-liquids in an upright position for avoiding flooding of e-liquid. Make sure that you place it in a dark, dry spot away from direct sunlight and water. Direct sunlight or places with increased temperature will compromise your vaping experience.

  • Keeping the Atomiser and Clearomiser Clean:

Keeping the atomiser and clearomiser clean doesn’t only extend the life but also improves their performance. You can wash the atomiser with hot water and a clean cotton cloth, as doing so once in a while is the easiest way to maintain your e-cigarette.

  • Cleaning the Mouthpiece;

Dust and puff can collect on the mouthpiece, and that can clog the airflow of vapour. Thus you can easily remove it and clean it. There are several ways to clean a mouthpiece, as you can blow on it, use a twist of tissue, or you can rinse it. Rinsing it is probably the most effective way to clean it.

  • Placing e-liquids Correctly:

E-liquids should be placed in an upright manner to avoid any spilling. You can make sure to close the cap nice and tight and place them back in their box. Most vapers store their e-liquids in a fridge for the best flavorful experience.

  • Don’t run your Charging too low:

Keeping some charge left on your device can extend your battery life. Running the battery to zero can compromise your battery, and make sure that you remove charging once it’s complete. Letting the battery charge for too long also decreases battery life.

  • Change Coils Frequently:

Coils are consumable and need to be changed every once in a while, depending upon your use. The average time for a coil to be replaced is one month. An old coil may have the risk of burning out. Thus replacing it would ensure a better vaping experience.


Maintaining your e-cigarette is a more difficult task than choosing one, as it can affect your entire vaping experience, and the same goes for e-liquids. Thus, keeping your vape devices and vape juices maintained would increase the life of your e-cigarette along with maintaining a good vaping experience.

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