Vitamin D deficiency symptoms and treatment methods

Vitamin D’s lack of presence in recent years has become a common phenomenon that affects many. Vitamin D enhances the absorption of minerals in the intestine, It prevents the excessive loss of these minerals in the kidneys, as well as controls the entry and exit of minerals in the bones, so what are the ways to treat it? and What are vitamins?

Vitamin D deficiency treatment

Recently, vitamin D deficiency has become one of the most common health problems, affecting about one billion people worldwide. The argument is most likely due to the excessive conversation deferred from the damages of excessive exposure to sunlight and its relationship to the malignant disease of the epidermis, This has led to the exaggeration of the use of sunscreen when going outside under the sun’s rays.

Just as the prevailing order of life is underway, A large number of characters may have to spend some long hours in hard hours and not go outside, This results in the inability to obtain vitamin D in sufficient amounts and its level lower than the normal limit necessary for the body to carry out its vital functions.

How to prevent vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is one of the most important women’s vitamins target that humans need, because of its multiple functions in arranging many vital processes within the body. The manufacture of vitamin D in the body is eliminated after exposure to sunlight; That is why it is often called the “sunshine vitamin.”Vitamin D can also be obtained naturally from a few foods such as cod liver oil, egg yolks, and fortified breakfast cereals. Doctors are usually advised to maintain a balanced and stable diet with daily exposure to sunlight for a period of 15-thirds of an hour, Throughout the morning hours to ensure that the body is able to produce its daily need of vitamin D.

How does vitamin D deficiency occur in the body?

 With certain foods containing vitamin D, it becomes difficult to obtain sufficient levels to modify this scarcity through diet alone. Just as prolonged exposure to sunlight can result in enormous health risks, For this reason, the doctor resorts to the description and pictures of vitamin D supplements so far, he has lost access to the results of the analyzes and determines the exact amount that occurs in the case

The amount of vitamin D necessary to change the lack of presence in the body depends on the severity of that scarcity and the individual’s health condition determined by the doctor, for example: If the vitamin D level is less than ten ng/boredom, Ends payment of a specified amount of 50,000 IU per week for an eight-week period, or in the amount of three doses per week for a period of four weeks; To ensure that the normal range is reached (above thirty ng/boredom).

Degree and norm of vitamin D in the blood

In moderate cases, when the degree and norm of vitamin D in the blood varies between 11-25 ng/dm, It can be replaced with smaller doses and for shorter periods as prescribed by your doctor. Following the adjustment for B12 Deficiency and Low Iron in the vitamin D grade and standard, stabilization doses of eight hundred-2,000 IU are required, repeated every day. Individuals with absorption problems may take higher doses and for a longer period of time as determined by their doctor.

The preference for vitamin D3 supplementation over vitamin D2 is often written off; For its effectiveness in raising the level of the vitamin in the body in a larger way. In all cases, it is necessary to complete the implementation of these supplements so far, a meal that contains a certain amount of fat; to increase the rate of absorption.

Disadvantages of using vitamin D supplements

Here, it should be noted that vitamin D supplements should not be taken without consulting a doctor, because of the possibility of dangerous interactions with a group of drugs. Just as this is likely to cause your vitamin D levels to go above the recommended limit, This results in a health problem known as hypervitaminosis D, which causes calcium to accumulate in various body fibers. Which causes problems in the heart, lungs, kidney stones, or increased blood pressure.

Complications of Vitamin D deficiency

The lack of vitamin D is usually associated with low body immunity, Which causes a lot of illnesses with colds and respiratory diseases, Just as the cause of bone pain, general fatigue, and other health symptoms. Vitamin D is a steroid hormone, the production of which in our body is strictly controlled, and the mechanism of its production is similar to that of other hormones.

Significant hair loss is one of the signs symptoms of vitamin D deficiency through a study on the relationship between vitamin D and hair loss, Vitamin D deficiency is associated with hair loss and alopecia areata.

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